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60 years of history, 60 years of the Lamborghini factory. From the 350 GT to the URUS, and beyond

27 3月 2023

The year 2023 is one that will be remembered due to the important anniversary that Automobili Lamborghini is celebrating: 60 years since its foundation.  
It is an incredible history to go over together as we look back as we would from a rear-view mirror that shows names, models and technologies that have created a legend. 

Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company in 1963, and in that same year the 350 GTV prototype – the first Lamborghini vehicle – was launched. The engines were started!
From the beginning Lamborghini has focused on using technologically advanced machinery to be able to combine the craftsmanship of its workers with the most advanced technologies, a value that has never changed over all these years.
Just a very few years later, in 1968, the 400 GT, an Islero, an Espada and two Miuras were produced. New models, greater innovation, and then in 1983 Lamborghini started development of carbon fiber in the new department called 'Esperienza Materiali Compositi' (E.Co) for the first time. It was here where the carbon chassis prototype of the Countach Evolution, absolutely the first project of this kind for a road vehicle, was born.
The 1990s arrived, and with them the preliminary tests of electronic systems and new composite materials. The testing laboratory was created, and anti-pollution systems were developed.
It was 1998 when the Audi Group made its entry and Lamborghini’s development speed grew exponentially, just like the number of vehicles it produced and the number of its employees. 
To celebrate the company’s first 40 years, Centro Stile Lamborghini was inaugurated in 2003 and Lamborghini continued to rampantly grow. The revolution continued, and in 2011 the new Aventador LP 700-4 made its debut with the innovative carbon monocoque fully designed and produced in-house by the company located in Sant'Agata Bolognese. 
The Lamborghini Park was inaugurated that same year. This is the site where the company still today is carrying forward two of its most important sustainability projects. 
Enormous attention was paid to the environment – to the earth beyond the road – which led the company to incessant evolutions and targets until it obtained CO2 neutral certification for the entire plant in 2015. 

The Super SUV Urus arrived in 2018. Automobili Lamborghini CEO and Chairman Stephan Winkelmann strongly desired its production, and it was supported by a historic protocol with the Italian government and the Emilia-Romagna region. The new production department in Sant'Agata Bolognese comprises the new assembly line totally dedicated to Urus, the new finishing department for all Lamborghini models and the new office building with LEED Platinum certification, the highest standard in the world of energy and environmental certification for the building industry. The Urus paint shop was inaugurated in 2019, and the body procurement chain has become more sustainable since 2020 thanks to rail transport, with CO2 emissions cut by 85%. 
Responsibility is not only towards the environment, but also – and above all – towards the community, with an increasingly widespread presence throughout the territory where it operates. 

"Direzione Cor Tauri" is the ambitious plan announced in 2021 that will lead Lamborghini to electrify the entire product range in 2023-2024. The objective is that of producing a fully electric model by 2030, an essential event in the decarbonization program of the sustainability strategy that calls for continuous reduction of the impact not only of the production site, but also of the entire value chain. 

Automobili Lamborghini is celebrating 60 years of history, with so much road behind it and even more projects to carry out. It never stops, like the innovation that it has always driven. 


An exchange of generations at the coffee break

Urus S 燃費値*: 複合サイクル燃費改善: 16 MPG; EPAに基づく値