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Sustainability in Lucrezia Roda’s photos

8 9月 2023

The experience inside the Porto Cervo Lamborghini Lounge, open until September 10, is further enriched by five works of art of the “Inside Lamborghini” project, shot by the talented Italian photographer and artist Lucrezia Roda.
In these photographs, shot with meticulous attention to detail and color, we see the artistic representation of a main theme in both Lamborghini’s strategy and its everyday activity: sustainability. This is, in fact, one of its strongest values and it takes shape in several important targets, such as the neutral CO2 output of the Sant’Agata Bolognese plant or the ultra-modern paintwork department, where all Uruses are painted 95% with water-based paint, or the leather and carbon fiber waste recycling process. 

Lucrezia Roda’s vision and projects are mainly dedicated to industry and to the transformation of material during the production stages, which she elaborates and interprets through photography. Her artistic vision is defined by her command of colors and her meticulous attention to detail. She softens the borderline between industrial photography and personal research with industrial landscapes and abstract images. 

Look through the gallery and admire the wonderful works installed in the elegant setting of the Porto Cervo Lamborghini Lounge!


An exchange of generations at the coffee break

本ページに記載されている全車両の燃料消費率及び排出量*: 複合サイクル燃費改善: 16 MPG; 複合サイクル燃費改善(電力+ガソリン): 23 MPGe; 複合サイクル燃費改善(ガソリンのみ): 12 MPG; EPAに基づく値