Esperienza Dinamica Terra Urus in Taormina 

27 10月 2021

Over 130 European customers and journalists tried the Urus Super Suv for themselves in the exhilarating adventure offered by the Esperienza Dinamica Terra event. The exclusive Lamborghini experience arrived in Taormina, Sicily, and ran from October 8th to the 21st. 

The Urus demonstrated its incredible characteristics on a 170km itinerary along the famous Baia delle Sirene and the panoramic views offered by the roads that climb up to Mount Etna. The attendees could experience the Urus with the assistance of ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligent Management), the automatic driving selector that took control of all of the car’s dynamic systems. 

Design, performance, and dynamism were at the forefront of the Esperienza Dinamica Terra experience, allowing all participants to experience the true Lamborghini DNA.


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Urus の燃費とCO2排出量*; 複合モードによる燃費: 14 mpg