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Lamborghini Revuelto Dynamic Launch

16 Oktober 2023
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The revolutionary Lamborghini Revuelto had its dynamic launch performing on road and track across its home country.

The first super sports HPEV recently drove on the streets of the city of Bologna and across the breathtaking landscapes offered by the Valdobbiadene hills and Monte Grappa and then proceeded to take the Piero Taruffi Vallelunga circuit by storm. Throughout the experience, the Revuelto showed off its incredible prowess resulting from the combination of electric propulsion and combustion engine integrated into a new vehicle architecture. The car’s outstanding performance is also made possible by Potenza Sport tires, specially designed by Bridgestone to enhance the Revuelto’s capabilities.

Watch the Revuelto’s thrilling first drive in the video below.


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Werte Kraftstoffeinsparung Revuelto*: Kraftstoffeinsparung kombiniert (Elektro-Benzin): 23 MPGe; Kraftstoffeinsparung kombiniert (Nur Benzin): 12 MPG; EPA-Werte