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Lamborghini Esperienza Giro China “Journey into the Vast”

8 Juli 2021

The annual Esperienza Giro China “Journey into the Vast” has just concluded, an unparalleled expedition organized by Lamborghini through the majestic northwestern region of China covering more than 800 kilometers, designed to offer Chinese customers an exclusive and extraordinary driving experience.

During the five-day journey, a fleet of 42 Lamborghini super sports cars and super SUVs departed from Yinchuan and traveled across the vast lands of Ningxia and Gansu along the banks of the Yellow River, driving on the magnificent Route 66, passing through the colossal Helan mountain range and arriving in the Tengger Desert. The Lamborghini Urus perfectly navigated the different types of terrain, from the asphalt to the vast sea of sand, thanks to its active torque vectoring that ensures optimal adaptation on any type of terrain.

“Journey into the Vast” also included a luxurious night deep in the desert. Here, guests enjoyed a stay at the Desert Star Hotel which, with its mix of regional and modern design, allowed them to be immersed in the natural beauty of the green desert oasis under a stunning canopy of stars.


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Werte Kraftstoffeinsparung Urus*: Kraftstoffeinsparung kombiniert: 14 MPG; EPA-Werte