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Lamborghini celebrates its 60th anniversary with Giro Polo Storico

18 сентября 2023
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Automobili Lamborghini organized and opened to a group of international customers and their vintage Lamborghinis the “Giro Polo Storico “. The tour crossed through some of northern Italy’s most characteristic sites offering a 100% Italian-flavored experience between September 14 and 17. 

As part of its celebrations marking its 60th anniversary, the company reunited vehicles from different countries around the world and models of every generation followed by Polo Storico up to the threshold of the third millennium. This department preserves the historical archive containing the vehicles’ production documents, provides the original configurations and other data, and certifies and restores Lamborghinis up to the Diablo 6.0 SE series. A number of cars with a special history were on hand for the tour, for example the 350 GT with the second frame number, the oldest existing series production Lamborghini, still in perfect running condition, and the Miura P400 S, just lately restored by Polo Storico.

The tour started off from the picturesque setting of Franciacorta and then continued on its way, making a stop in magnificent sites of northern Italy, such as Alto Garda, Valpolicella, Verona, and Modena, completing its journey at the Sant'Agata Bolognese headquarters with a final lunch at the Finishing building, where customers had the chance to admire the final part of the production of Huracán, Urus and Revuelto.

Pirelli also took part in the Giro as official partner, consolidating its relationship with Automobili Lamborghini since it was established in 1963 and further emphasizing the importance of this celebration. 

The Giro Polo Storico allowed Automobili Lamborghini and its customers to fully express the bond between the brand’s past, present and future. 


Urus SE and Revuelto at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Показатели экономии топлива Revuelto*: Экономия топлива комбинированный цикл (электричество+бензин): 23 MPGe; Экономия топлива комбинированный цикл (только бензин): 12 MPG; Значения по EPA