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Huracán Tecnica: Fun to drive with Dario Costa

9 июня 2022
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The new Huracán Tecnica has many souls, combining Lamborghini design and engineering in a super sports car that delivers the inimitable emotion created by its fun-to-drive character. In a series of interviews, Lamborghini explores the diverse personalities of Tecnica.

An aviator, especially an aerobatics pilot, takes to the skies to experience a particular freedom, where horizons are limitless, where he chooses his destination and how he gets there. He becomes one with his machine, maneuvering and exploring the capabilities of the engineering around him and testing his own abilities at the same time. Italy’s champion race and stunt pilot Dario Costa describes the expression of flying as the ultimate fun, relishing personal instinctiveness in an environment uncommon to everyday life. It’s his choice, he makes the decisions. It’s escapism at its best, something every human being wishes for at some time in life.

‘Fun to drive’ is at the heart of the Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica. Engaged in the driving dynamism of the Tecnica, everyday life takes a back seat. It is the pilot, the machine, and every curve on the horizon ahead.


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