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Automobili Lamborghini is awarded IDEM certification on gender equality

29 ноября 2022
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Automobili Lamborghini’s commitment to excellence encompasses all areas of the brand’s reality, including and most importantly everything that has to do with the people. In 2022, Lamborghini is the first company in the automotive sector to receive the IDEM certification on gender equality.

IDEM is a project started in 2020 through the joint effort of JobPricing and the Marco Biagi Foundation at Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia; the initiative aims to turn actions that support gender equality in the workplace into measurable parameters. IDEM employs a data-driven scientific method that analyzes four pillar aspects within a company: career, salary, organization, and culture.

“The IDEM certification highlights our Company’s state of the art,” says Umberto Tossini, Chief Human Capital Officer at Automobili Lamborghini. “It’s a confirmation of how far we’ve come in the path we have been following to achieve a company culture that centers around equity and inclusion. This certification represents a milestone in a long-term strategy that aims to uplift employees with their diversity and uniqueness.”


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