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Lamborghini Future FAB Award: The winners of the 2019 edition are…

10 Febrero 2020

The Future FAB Award is an exciting and stimulating competition launched by Automobili Lamborghini to attract exceptional women under the age of 30 by inviting them to present an original project or idea in one of three categories: art & design, sustainability and technology.

This year’s amazing response has seen outstanding projects flood in from 4 continents and 13 different countries with an average student age of 26. The criteria for judging these projects focuses on their positive impact on communities, innovation and overall feasibility, and after much deliberation, the jury has finally announced the talented winners, who are:

Giorgia Meloni, Winner of the Art & Design category for her Forma Mentis project, an audio-visual installation consisting of a partly constructed Lamborghini in which the light is gradually removed and replaced by sounds, so the participants inside have to use unaccustomed senses to imagine and perceive their own, unique super car experience.

Alessandra Accogli, Winner of the Technology category for her research into the groundbreaking development of an "anode-free" sodium-based battery as a cheaper, safer and more sustainable alternative to lithium-ion devices. And…

Daniela Arroyo-Olson, Winner of the Sustainability category for her Circular Diagnostic Framework, an automated, freemium approach assessment system that analyses a company’s circularity and provides an in-depth report detailing where and how sustainability can be improved.  

The winners, whose work was chosen from an exceptionally high standard of submissions, will now be invited to join FAB, the Female Advisory Board, take part in a coaching experience and 10-day training course and present their project to the Lamborghini Board. 

Lamborghini Future FAB Award: We Design Our Future.

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