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Lamborghini Esperienza Terra Taormina

12 Abril 2023
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The third edition of Lamborghini Esperienza Terra was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The Esperienza programs are designed to provide attendees with exclusive opportunities to experience their Lamborghini on all kinds of terrains set against stunning backdrops.

This time, Lamborghini owners and their companions were treated to a twelve-day tour of the incredible landscapes of Taormina, Sicily. Lamborghini professional drivers led participants and their Urus S vehicles on a journey to experience all kinds of exceptional driving environments against the incredible backdrop of Mount Etna. The experience was made all the more exclusive by the luxury and authenticity of Sicilian hospitality, from the gorgeous hotel to the upscale dining venues.

Twelve days of peak Lamborghini lifestyle during which guests could create exclusive, authentic Lamborghini memories that will last a lifetime.Share the immersive experience of driving the extraordinary Urus S in an equally extraordinary landscape by watching the video below.


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Valores ahorro de carburante del Urus S*: Ahorro de carburante combinado: 16 MPG; Valores en base al EPA