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  • Full screen profile of a white Lamborghini Urraco set against an undistinguished background. The overlay reads: Urraco - a Lamborghini 4-seater
Cropped image showing the front of a red Lamborghini Urraco

Design Minimal lines designed by Marcello Gandini.

The oil crisis and the social tensions of the seventies forced Lamborghini to build a new car to be less expensive and with reduced displacement.
The decision to produce a four-seater sedan seemed to be the best path to reach a broader audience interested in pure driving comfort. This is how the Urraco was born, under the supervision of Marcello Gandini, who was later responsible for the iconic lines of the now legendary Miura.

Cropped image showing the interior of a Lamborghini Urraco, the steering wheel and instrument panel seen from the side

PERFORMANCE Comfort and performance

For the Lamborghini Urraco, great attention was paid to driving fun and comfort, but also the engine was revisited. The Urraco mounted a new-generation V8 engine with a displacement of 2.5 liters, expanded to 3 liters in 1974.