Cropped image of a red Lamborghini showing only a detail of the front wheel.



We are united by a strong sense of belonging which comes from a passion for our Brand and our exclusive products. We are particularly proud of being an integral part of a well-rounded and complete company which designs, develops, produces and markets its own vehicles. Each of us plays an important role in literally making people's dreams come true, thanks to our pioneering and visionary approach. A Lamborghini is much more than just a product: it is the combination of tradition, incredible super sports car design, and a unique, passionate team.

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Cropped image of two men working at computers.


In Lamborghini we promote teamwork, favoring collaboration, growth and personal development. We are committed to creating a dynamic working environment in which each person's skills can be put to the best use. In order to continue our successful journey, we recognize the importance of a working environment in which people are happy and motivated. This is the reason we offer our employees continuous learning and growth opportunities, both personal and professional. Our company size allows employees to see the fruits of their contribution each and every day, helping them feel like an integral part of something really big and the success of our company.


Communication is key to Lamborghini's success. There are numerous interdepartmental teams whose members work together to meet the various challenges imposed by the market. Strategic thinking is part of Lamborghini's DNA, and for this reason we are always looking for creative and flexible people who are able to rapidly respond to day-to-day challenges and transform them into opportunities. We promote a culture of innovative leadership, innovation and striving for excellence through the development of technical and managerial skills which favor high levels of responsibility.

Photo of a workshop: on the right, samples of colored leather, on the left, behind a glass door, a technician at work. Technician assembling the car


Each of us drives Lamborghini's success, and for this reason it is key for the company to continue to be an "employer of choice".


Excellence and Quality are very important factors for Automobili Lamborghini. We strongly invest in the training of our resources by deepening technical expertise and behavioral competence, as well as IT and language skills, in order to promote a common corporate culture. Job rotations, assessment centers, and coaching activities are a consistent part of our development programs.


At Automobili Lamborghini, performance is the result of the targets achieved and the behaviors adopted. Our evaluation system measures results achieved versus targets, aiming to a continuous improvement, in compliance with the company's culture. This will be enhanced by continuous communication and feedback between supervisor and employee. 


Lamborghini promotes and works to create a merit-based and performance-oriented environment through its remuneration and benefits system. People-centered programs create a corporate culture which is oriented towards employee wellbeing and continuous improvement.

A computer with design of a Lamborghini on the screen
Technician in the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini running tests on the parked vehicle
Technician assembling the car
A Lamborghini raised up on a lift, we can only see one rear wheel
Working environment with several computers
Artisan stitching green leather at the sewing machine
Technician looking pleased with his work
Profile of a technician at work showing only his forearm

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