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  • Full screen side view of a red Lamborghini 350 GT parked beside a historic building. The overlay reads
Cropped detail of the wheel rims

PERFORMANCE An immediate success.

The 350 GT introduced a design that was a more balanced evolution of the prototype 350 GTV (conceived by Franco Scaglione), and was the first Lamborghini car to be officially mass-produced.
The 350 GT was an instant success, and Carrozzeria Touring produced 120 units, the majority of which featured the 3.5 liter 12-cylinder engine and 320 CV.
On top of that, Carrozzeria Touring also spawned two Spyder versions (350 GTS).

Cropped image detailing the red rear end with the word 350GT.

Design A celebration of details.

The bodywork was enriched with aluminum inserts, independent suspension, four disc brakes and - on select units - limited-slip differential.