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Urus’ versatility at its best: We went surfing

20 Avril 2019

Urus represents the ultimate blend of elegance and versatility, as perfectly showcased during our latest trip through the beautiful beaches and surroundings of scenic Nazaré, Portugal. Urus could effortlessly travel from off-road natural tracks with breathtaking views to endless Atlantic Ocean beaches where some of the highest waves shatter.

Speaking of waves, Nazaré is famous for its big, or to better say, giant waves. Fascinated by the power of nature and in the spirit of the claim “Since We Made It Possible”, we have decided to become an integral part of the landscape not only on the road (or sand), but also in the water, with a very special project. Lamborghini Centro Stile drew inspiration from the design DNA already striking on the Urus to design something… unique: a surfboard that made surfing the biggest waves in the world possible...

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