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Lamborghini One-Offs: Invencible and Auténtica

6 février 2023
One Off
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Two one-offs, a roadster and a coupé, mark the end of production of super sports cars powered by the V12 combustion engine in the lead-up to the hybrid era.

Once again Lamborghini is celebrating the naturally aspirated V12 engine with the unveiling of two one-offs: the Invencible coupé and the Auténtica roadster. Two one-of-a-kind cars that highlight the brand’s DNA and represent the pinnacle of exclusivity and customization, involving the customer from the very beginning of the project to create a completely bespoke car.

Invencible and Auténtica were designed by Lamborghini Centro Stile, expressing the utmost creativity applied to the V12 platform while respecting the stylistic features that have made the brand famous, creating two unmistakable cars that exude racing-inspired sportiness.

“The V12 engine is one of the pillars of our history and of the success of our brand,” commented Stephan Winkelmann, Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO. “And before we get into the full swing of Direzione Cor Tauri, we felt it was only right to celebrate the combustion V12 with two one-off cars that perfectly represent our concept of excellence in the sphere of customization.”

The two one-offs share the carbon fiber monocoque chassis produced in the beating heart of Sant’Agata Bolognese, as well as the full carbon bodies, which re-propose designs and technical solutions successfully tested by Lamborghini in the motorsport arena. Lightness and aeronautical style, elegance and sportiness.

“We have created two one-offs with a unique character, inspired by the world of racing and the passion you experience at the racetrack,” commented Mitja Borkert, Automobili Lamborghini Head of Design. “With these cars, the Lamborghini Centro Stile has expressed the utmost creativity applicable to the V12 platform; their design, elevated to a new level, best represents our unique DNA.”

The cockpit of both cars features clean lines, with a minimalist dashboard embellished by 3D-printed hexagonal air vents, and the instrument-free console to emphasize the lightness of the volumes and focus the driver’s attention on driving pleasure. In addition, the cockpit, framed by carbon fiber, features digital instrumentation with dedicated graphics for each of the cars.

The Invencible coupé is characterized by the harmonious contrast between the dominant red and the carbon-look elements embellished with red “flakes”. The classic scissor-opening doors feature two three-color hexagons, one on each side, an homage to the Italian flag that is also repeated inside the doors and on the steering wheel. The cockpit, like the bodywork, features the contrast between the red and black of the Rosso Alala leather and the Nero Cosmus Alcantara, enhanced with custom embroidery in Rosso Alala and Nero Ade. The Lamborghini logo in Rosso Efesto, the same color used for the steering wheel paddle shifters, stands out on the dashboard.

Similar yet distinctive, the Auténtica roadster features bodywork in Grigio Titans (gray), with Black Matt details and livery in Giallo Auge (yellow), a color echoed in the brake calipers and the main aerodynamic elements. The profile is made unmistakable by the two domes with integrated roll bars, inspired by the racing barchettas. The open-top cockpit showcases elegant embroidery in Giallo Taurus (yellow), contrasting on the Nero Ade leather and the Alcantara upholstery in dual shades of Nero Cosmus and Grigio Octans.

Invencible and Auténtica thus pay a fitting tribute to the V12 engine of the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese ahead of the extraordinary transition to the hybrid era.


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