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Interview on the move: control and evaluation among the Quality checkers

23 mars 2023
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Mattia still carries the excitement of his first day at Lamborghini in his heart. It was the day after Italy had won the 2006 World Cup title and the atmosphere in the company was euphoric. At the beginning of his career path, Mattia installed the seats and luggage compartment tray on the Gallardo, which at the time still held the CD-Changer.

Today Mattia is Team Leader in the Protection Team, the team of checkers who protect the assembly lines from component quality problems. The team checks and assesses the cars’ non-compliant parts, which are then sent back to the suppliers for more in-depth analysis.

Curious by nature, Mattia loves to read all types of non-fiction, from physics to paleoanthropology, and to put himself to the test with strategy games, especially historical ones.


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