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Interview against the clock: the new sport seats of Lamborghini Revuelto

6 octobre 2023
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In this interview lasting 63 seconds – the number referring to the year the company was established – colleagues told us how they worked together to make the New Sport Seat of the Lamborghini Revuelto, essential to convey the emotion of a Supercar.

Inside the Procurement Department, Michele, Series Procurement/Interiors, handles everything from sourcing to modifications of the components of the seats of the Lamborghini Super Sports Cars while Riccardo, Production Readiness /Interiors, Exteriors, Electrics, monitors the timing and the supplier’s progress to meet the project’s planning. 

Thanks to teamwork they achieved the goal that they had set, which was to create a seat that combines the lightness of carbon fiber with the quality of materials and the futuristic design that transmits one of Lamborghini’s missions: to amaze.

Find out more in their “against the clock” interview!


The debut of Lamborghini SC63 at Imola

Valeur économie de carburant de Revuelto*: Économie de carburant en cycle mixte (électricité+essence): 23 MPGe (EPA); Économie de carburant en cycle mixte (essence uniqument): 12 MPG (EPA)