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Huracán Sto: Superior Aerodynamics

7 septembre 2021
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The Lamborghini Huracán STO is a street-homologated super sports car with superior aerodynamics and race car engineering, inspired and influenced by the racing heritage of the Lamborghini Squadra Corse.

The STO presents comprehensive aerodynamic solutions to maximize performance. Amongst the new integrations, the revised rear hood features an air scoop while a “shark fin” on the rear bonnet improves dynamic ability. Another key aerodynamic element is the massive three-position rear wing, which is highly adjustable according to the type of road a driver will find themselves on.

These and other innovations allow the Huracán STO to achieve impressive levels of downforce and incredible aero balance. The car is designed to achieve maximum downforce in corners, managing the air force through the wheel arches, along the sides, and via the rear wing. 

This dive-in on the STO’s superior aerodynamics is only the first of upcoming technical in-depths on this incredible model. Keep updated on Lamborghini’s news for more.

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Valeur économie de carburant de Huracán STO*: Économie de carburant en cycle mixte: 15 MPG; Valeurs EPA