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Nouvelle Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 : une course de style

26 mai 2021

Lamborghini Squadra Corse présente la Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2, la nouvelle version du véhicule de course qui sera l’unique vedette des trois séries continentales du championnat Lamborghini à partir de 2022. Des améliorations aérodynamiques radicales et le design sans compromis réalisé par le Lamborghini Centro Stile font de la Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 la version la plus performante jamais conçue pour concourir lors du championnat monomarque, qui connaîtra sa 13e saison en 2021. 

« Sept années se sont écoulées depuis que nous avons présenté la première Huracán Super Trofeo à Pebble Beach, et aujourd’hui Squadra Corse ajoute un nouveau chapitre à son histoire » a commenté Stephan Winkelmann, PDG d’Automobili Lamborghini. « La Huracán est l’une des meilleures ventes de l’histoire de la marque et le Super Trofeo a sans aucun doute contribué à son succès. »

De 2009 à aujourd’hui, 950 pilotes ont participé au Super Trofeo, en concourant lors de plus de 310 heures de compétition sur les circuits les plus prestigieux du monde. Maurizio Reggiani, Chief Technical Officer d’Automobili Lamborghini, a déclaré : « Le Super Trofeo est le meilleur banc d’essai pour tester des solutions techniques et aérodynamiques tant pour les véhicules routiers que pour les GT. Avec la Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2, nous avons fait un pas de plus. En avril 2021, nous avons célébré le seuil de la 400e Huracán de course : notre objectif avec la Super Trofeo EVO2 est d’atteindre le chiffre de 500 en quelques années. »  

Aerodynamics and design are the areas in which Squadra Corse and Centro Stile have concentrated on the most. From an aesthetic point of view, the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 takes the design of the previous generations to the extreme, anticipating the styling elements that will debut on road cars in the coming years. The front end has undergone a radical change, featuring new high-intensity full LED light clusters with a hexagonal design and a pronounced “omega” lip that joins the carbon-fiber fins and reinforces the stylistic link with the Huracán STO. Also new are the air curtain intakes, which optimize airflow, by keeping it adherent to the sides, as well as downforce. 

The rear, dominated by the large carbon-fiber wing, was inspired by minimalism and lightness. The frames of the new LED light clusters pay tribute to the design of the Countach and are efficiently supported by the arched carbon-fiber bumper, which harmoniously links the aerodynamic appendages located behind the wheels to the redesigned diffuser fins.

Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini Head of Design, commented: “When we approached the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 project, we immediately thought of the concept of ‘Racing in style’. That is, a combination of the typical aggressiveness of the Huracán racing cars and the classic stylistic features of Lamborghini’s DNA. In addition, the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 represents a futuristic aesthetic approach that partially anticipates the design elements of the next range of road cars”. 

Innovations are also seen in numerous components of the bodywork, such as the side member paneling and the aforementioned rear aerodynamic appendages, replacing plastic materials with carbon fiber, while maintaining the maximum sustainability in terms of running costs. In addition, the rear fenders are now composed of a single element, which includes part of the side spoiler, for optimal surface continuity.

The braking system, designed and developed by Squadra Corse, has also undergone changes. The steel front discs are increased from 380 to 390 mm; the new calipers can accommodate pads with a new design and a larger surface area to optimize performance and consumption. Propulsion is entrusted to the 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine that delivers a maximum power output of 620 HP, to be managed with a sequential six-speed X-Trac gearbox and combined with rear-wheel drive. 

Giorgio Sanna, Lamborghini’s Head of Motorsport, stated: “The Super Trofeo is the basis of our concept of customer racing, capable of involving and exciting both young talents and gentlemen drivers. The Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 is dedicated to both categories of drivers, and we have designed it with the precise aim of offering an even more engaging driving experience, while paying the utmost attention to running costs”.   

The Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 makes its public debut on May 28 in Le Castellet, on the occasion of the second round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. The price for the European market is €250,000, excluding taxes. Customers will have the opportunity to upgrade the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO with a dedicated kit available from early 2022.

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