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Space Time Memory: Auction for Lamborghini's First NFT is Now Open

1 February 2022
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As previously anticipated, with the first day of the new lunar year comes the opening of the auction for Space Time Memory, Lamborghini's first NFT project. 

To celebrate, artist Fabian Oefner shares exclusive insights into the artwork's meaning. 

"I'm a child of the space age," he says, "so I grew up with the images of the space shuttle launching into the night sky. To me, this piece is not about a car. It's about memories. The project is not only about taking the car apart, it's about the space key as well, that carbon fiber key, and it really brings the two worlds together, the digital and the physical worlds. That is what excites me." 

The Swiss artist continues, "When I tried to come up with an idea, how can I make the ultimate show, and show it in a way that was never seen before I came up with the concept of the car launching into the sky like a rocket. It's metaphysical, because Ultimae in Latin means 'last,' but also' farthest.' The farthest place we have ever been was the moon, so it is pointed to the moon because it is the place that stirs our imagination. We're all explorers and we like to discover new worlds." 

Indeed, Space Time Memory truly embodies Lamborghini's pioneer values and spirit. 

Biddings for the five pairs of physical and digital artworks are open from February 1st at 4 p.m. CET to February 4th at 7:50 p.m. CET. The auction is accessible via 


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