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The Myth of Lamborghini’s Scissor Doors

9 October 2019

Lamborghini’s scissor doors have been the trademark of the most iconic V12-powered super sports cars ever built. Here’s how the tradition that has been making history started. 
The revolutionary Countach was the first production car to ever feature the scissor doors, deriving from genius Marcello Gandini’s craving for innovative design, and not only. In fact, the car’s upward opening doors would enable the drivers to lean their upper body out of the hatch in order to see behind the car while reversing, thus remedying to the car’s poor rear visibility – and parking in tight spaces!
Since then, Lamborghinis with the V12 beating heart have continued the tradition, starting from the Diablo, the worthy heir of the Countach, the Murciélago, with the wedge shape of the Countach, the sensuousness of the Miura and the unusual proportions of the Diablo, to be followed by the first few-off, the Reventón, a limited edition work of art. The scissor doors finally were combined with the elegance and engineering brilliance of the rare Centenario and the Aventador family, with aeronautics-inspired design, the technology of the V12 engine, and an extensive use of carbon fiber.

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