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Lamborghini V12 History: Diablo

31 August 2022
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The iconic Lamborghini V12 aspirated engine has been the roaring heart of many legendary vehicles throughout its nearly 60-year history.  The latter includes Lamborghini Diablo, which made history as the first Lamborghini super sports car equipped with all-wheel drive.

The Lamborghini Diablo debuted in 1990 and still holds a special place in Lamborghini history for its massive contributions to the brand’s history. The Diablo brought the V12 engine to 5.7 liters and then to 6 liters, with an output of 600 CV for on-road models and 655 for the GT1 race model.

The life of the Lamborghini Diablo spanned a little over a decade (production ended in 2001), during which this extraordinary model was able to adapt to market changes and client expectations. The 2,903 units produced accompanied Lamborghini on its journey into the modern Automotive era.

The iconic V12 engine will cease to exist in its pure form in 2023 when it will debut in its plug-in hybrid version. Until then, Lamborghini will take this time to celebrate the V12’s history and contributions.


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