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Lamborghini Reventón: the first few-off

11 July 2019

There are vehicles capable of changing the history of a brand by projecting its style and technology into the future. This is what the Lamborghini few-offs represent. This is the Reventón, a limited edition work of art designed to make people dream of the Lamborghinis of the future.

Lamborghini DNA

The Reventón was presented to the public at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, and just a little later the Murciélago turned five years old. The two vehicles have the same DNA, but they are very much different from each other. Both are inspired by the Diablo and even earlier by the Countach, the initiator of the unmistakable wedge shape designed by Marcello Gandini. Then the scissor doors, the aspirated V12 and the permanent all-wheel drive are all elements that make it an authentic Lamborghini but boasting extreme design and performance. 

Aeronautic inspiration that anticipates the Aventador

The few-off, with only 20 units produced at the price of € 1 million before taxes has an identity all its own and an aeronautic-inspired design. The sharp edges, precise lines and clean surfaces anticipate a few aesthetic solutions that are then taken to the extreme by the Aventador Coupé, such as the shape of the headlamps, the layout of the optical units, and the shape of the nose with its large air intakes. The body is made entirely of carbon fiber and is fitted out with an active rear spoiler that moves into three different positions depending on the speed.

Engine and performance

Every element of the Reventón is developed based on its function with the precise goal of maximizing the performance of the incredible Lamborghini V12. This 6496 cc natural aspiration engine is capable of developing 650 CV (670 in the Roadster version in order to stand up to the greater weight) that pushes the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 3.4 seconds, up to the top speed of 340 km/h.

An icon of unmistakable style

The Reventón is one of the most original and successful style exercises of the Centro Stile Lamborghini, established just three years earlier in 2004. Its innovative and futuristic lines, matte color and exclusiveness have placed it in the imagination of the movie industry as Batman’s car.  However, the few-off has never made an appearance in the Batman series of movies, leaving the honors of Hollywood’s red carpet to the Murciélago and Aventador.

The Reventón at the MUDETEC

A perfect specimen in the unmistakable medium matte gray-green shade that owes its name to the vehicle enchants visitors of the brand-new MUDETEC, the Lamborghini Museum of Technologies, who stop to admire it and who don’t miss out on the opportunity to take some photos of themselves together with one of the most iconic vehicles in Lamborghini history, the first of the modern few-offs.

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