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International Day for Biological Diversity: Lamborghini’s Commitment

22 May 2020

Lamborghini and bee hives don’t have only the hexagon shape in common. On this International Day for Biological Diversity, we are taking a look at some of the initiatives Lamborghini has undertaken in favor of the environment.

Bee hives to analyze environmental pollution

In order to analyze the level of local air pollution, the Lamborghini Park, an area of natural interest, hosts an environmental bio-monitoring station composed of three bee hives forming an apiary for the production of honey. The components of the beehive (honey, pollen, wax, propolis, and the bees themselves) can be analyzed to reveal a wide range of environmental pollutants: from pesticides used in agriculture and urban and private green spaces to heavy metals, radionuclides, aromatic compounds and dioxins.

10,000 oak trees to increase local biodiversity

Ten thousand young oak trees inhabit an area of about 7 hectares (70,000 m2) in the municipality of Sant’Agata Bolognese. The aim is to examine the relationships between plants, their density, climate and CO2, thus increasing local biodiversity and creating a teaching area for the scientific and local communities.

Read Lamborghini’s Environmental Statement >

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