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Beyond Podcast #5: Chasing Taste with T. Bravo and M. Bottura

29 November 2023
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In the latest podcast from Lamborghini’s ‘Beyond’ series, the three-Michelin-starred chef behind Modena’s Osteria Francescana and Motor Valley Ambassador meets the Director of Communications from his ‘neighbor’ Lamborghini, Tim Bravo. This fifth episode continues the series of dialogues between Lamborghini and inspirational individuals, sharing experiences from worlds that seem so different yet with so many parallels.  

Chef Massimo Bottura discusses stealing inspiration from art; being shaped by international experiences; the importance of teamwork; and sustainability and responsibility. At the core of the dialogue is the shared passion for the Emilia Romagna region and its two-fold reputation for culinary tradition and motoring heritage, thriving with an eye always on the future.


Listen to the fifth episode of Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast! >


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