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Aventador S: Four Things You Should Know

18 April 2018

As much as the Aventador is the car most entitled to represent the Lamborghini brand values, the Aventador S is the expression of the Lamborghini flagship par excellence, embodying the utmost synergy between design and engineering in pure Lamborghini style.

The “S” has existed for 50 years

The first Lamborghini S model was launched 50 years ago to represent the evolution of already revered icons. In fact, the further development of the Miura into a more improved version dates back to 1968, followed by Islero, Countach and Urraco. When the Aventador reaped this legacy and decided to surpass itself, the Aventador S was born.

The design draws inspiration from predators and aeronautics

The Aventador S presents pure refinement of the iconic design that remains true to the Lamborghini DNA, enhancing its mix of dynamism, refinement and aggressiveness. The sharp lines and surfaces of the front end evoke images of a shark fin, transmitting the same force and elegance when dominating the road, and the expression of a writhing cobra. At the same time, the new design of the exhaust echoes the empennage of a fighter aircraft and the tail pipe of a space shuttle.
The design of a Lamborghini, though, is never an end in itself. While the front conquers the street like a shark in search of its prey and the rear looks as powerful as the engine of a space shuttle, every surface has been studied with an eye to performance and aerodynamics. In fact, the design elements provide 130% more front downforce and a lower aerodynamic coefficient: in the S model, the sculpted shapes of the Aventador optimize the aerodynamics function.

The V12 mid-rear engine has no rivals

The Aventador S carries the Lamborghini heritage of the unique V12 naturally aspirated mid-engine forward, a Lamborghini trademark. In fact, the most important Lamborghini masterpieces had a V12 as their beating heart, positioned behind the pilot like in the racing cars of the day, enabling better weight distribution, a lower center of gravity and enhanced aerodynamics. Based on the Miura introduced in 1963, the first car with a mid-rear engine, the overall engine concept and the V12 masterpiece itself have evolved since then. 
The Aventador is the latest V12 model, and the S comes with an upgraded version of its engine, offering remarkable pick-up at high engine speeds, an incredibly fast response and an unmistakable sound. The maximum power has been increased from 700 to 740 HP and the stunning acceleration achieves 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, making it a genuine benchmark in the supercar sector and the only V12 mid-engine car within the Exclusive Super Sports car segment (ESS).

The side air vents pay homage to the Countach

The side of the Aventador S comes with the same sharp edge of the front bumper as the old classic Countach, and the side vents with variable geometry have been replaced by rectangular side air intakes in body color that evoke the design of the 70s masterpiece. Not only do they reduce turbulence, but they also improve the cooling of the enhanced engine and increase aerodynamics efficiency, fundamental for an all the more emotional driving experience.

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