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Automobili Lamborghini celebrates the European Diversity Month

31 May 2024
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From certifications to 2024 projects, numerous concrete actions aimed at supporting and raising awareness for DE&I

With the end of May comes the end of European Diversity Month, but Automobili Lamborghini’s initiatives in support of diversity, equity and inclusion continue. For years now, the company has promoted actions aimed at raising awareness and supporting its employees through programs ranging from wellness to parenting, training, and communication. For 2024 too, a number of projects are planned that include support and awareness-raising on these issues.

In 2022, Lamborghini was awarded the IDEM certification for its commitment to DE&I, as the first company in the automotive sector to obtain this recognition and highlighting it as one of the enterprises most attentive to gender equality issues. The Sant’Agata Bolognese carmaker has stood out in aspects such as pay, with a marginal average male-female differential, and organization, thanks to policies protecting parenthood and flexibility in parental leave. 

As a further demonstration of the company’s commitment to these issues, it was also awarded UNI/PdR 125:2022 certification and has continued to maintain and confirm it on a yearly basis. This certification recognizes the measures taken to eliminate the gender gap in relation to growth opportunities, equal pay for equal work, and parenthood protection policies.

With the aim of promoting alignment between corporate culture and people awareness, Automobili Lamborghini has launched a campaign on inclusive language involving a program of publishing content and events aimed at awareness-raising, inspiration and education.  These contributions aim to educate on the correct use of expressions that, in some cases, can reinforce gender stereotypes. In addition, with the support of writers, philosophers, linguists, and sociologists engaged by the company, current issues related to diversity that are central to the company’s strategy will be addressed. One recent significant event was a roundtable discussion with Bologna FC female players titled “Gender Equality takes the field against stereotypes”, in which participants discussed how the world of soccer deals with gender bias, based on the experiences of female players.

Umberto Tossini, Chief People, Culture and Organization Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, commented: “Words have enormous value. They can outline new opportunities and can be the basis for sharing meaning in our communities. Once again this year, we have renewed our commitment to creating an increasingly inclusive culture alongside the EU during European Diversity Month, and we have done so with a specific focus on a crucial issue to reach and empower people’s awareness: language. This is our concrete contribution to countering stereotypes and training people’s thinking, a way to get to know each other and understand how to be an active part of change.”

The initiatives involve not only meetings but also content that is always accessible to employees. With a goal of creating a strong corporate culture revolving around respect and collective participation, Lamborghini regularly offers content through the Lambo Talks and Lambo Podcasts, addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion through testimonials from experts in the field. Training also remains key as an awareness-raising tool, with a series of mandatory appointments on the topic of Unconscious Bias and harassment in the workplace. Since the publication of an internal zero-tolerance policy, appropriate reporting and monitoring systems have been put into place.  

Also of central importance is direct support for families which, through the tools defined in the second-level bargaining, promotes a model of "shared parenting" that allows an equitable distribution of care burdens and responsibilities deriving from being working parents, in line with a holistic corporate vision on gender equality. Lamborghini has implemented negotiated welfare policies to protect parenthood, offering, for example, economic supplements for optional parental leave and paid leave for illness or medical visits of the family unit and for the integration of children into the nursery and/or kindergarten. Furthermore, special protection is ensured for the "single parent" and for parents of children with disabilities. Excellent feedback has also been received for the "Mum & Dad Coaching," a corporate initiative that allows new mothers and fathers to consult with a coach on the changes that inevitably occur with the arrival of a child.

Lamborghini’s commitment extends beyond corporate borders, involving the local community as well with numerous projects developed and supported by the company over the years. Among these, in collaboration with other business entities, Automobili Lamborghini founded Rete Capo D, a community of businesses in the Bologna area that was established also with input from the Metropolitan City of Bologna. Rete Capo D is engaged in raising awareness of equal opportunities, with the aim of developing synergies and joint projects in favor of the local territory, with a particular focus on schools and the educational context.

Through campaigns, collaborations, and projects, Automobili Lamborghini aims to spread a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, transcending barriers and preconceptions to continue to be a virtuous example in the automotive industry.


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