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Huracán EVO "Amplified Series": The Mastery of Design

17 四月 2019

The second of the four “Amplified Series” videos is focusing on design: the Huracán EVO’s aerodynamic superiority and enhanced driving dynamics lie within its distinctive curves and angles. 

The new front bumper is synonymous with assertive personality, the front splitter with integrated wing assures aerodynamic efficiency and the Lamborghini design DNA is visible in the enlarged air intakes featuring an Ypsilon shape. The dynamic side profile features the hexagon shapes in the windows, the new wheel design and around the new side air intakes. The power and dynamism appears also in the rear, where the twin outlets of the new sports exhaust system are positioned high up in the car’s rear bumper, inspired by the race-car version. The new integrated aerodynamic styling of the underbody improves downforce and aerodynamic efficiency more than five times the first generation Huracán: the presence and purpose of the Huracán EVO resonates throughout its design.

The perfect proportions of the angles and shapes of the Huracán EVO are comparable to Mr. Araki’s attention to detail in shaping his sushi. One of Japan’s greatest sushi masters, Mitsuhiro Araki started his career in Tokyo, where his first restaurant was a celebrated 3 Michelin-starred establishment. On the hunt for a new culinary challenge, Araki closed his restaurant in Tokyo in 2013 and moved it to London in 2014, quickly regaining his 3 Michelin-star status. Mr. Araki’s culinary expertise is a craft of refined design as distinctive and harmonious as the lines of the Huracán EVO. Equally, just as the chassis contains the highest technological features, the sushi is made of the most exquisite ingredients, where nothing is left to chance.

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Huracán Evo 的燃料节省值*: 综合循环燃料节省: 15 MPG; 根据EPA的值