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Lamborghini wishes you Happy Holidays

23 December 2022
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Automobili Lamborghini wishes you all Happy Holidays with a new video: a story about how there is no future without the past and the importance of small gestures. An elderly barber is forced to close his historic barber-shop due to inactivity. A young man, who was a loyal customer as a child, in order to save the fortunes of a place dear to him, attempts to generate visibility in front of the shop by parking his Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica. Attracted by the bright Verde Selvans car, many young people and influencers start posting photos and videos geolocating themselves in front of the barbershop where, driven by the desire to renew their look, they start entering in large numbers and, in doing so, manage to prevent the elderly barber from going bankrupt.

A contemporary story that reminds us how the present we live in and the future we desire would not be possible without the people and choices of the past.


Lamborghini Digital Race Hackathon 2024

Fuel economy values of Huracán Tecnica*: Fuel economy combined: 15 MPG; EPA values