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Lamborghini Urus: a thrilling Esperienza Dinamica in Russia

29 december 2020

In September, nine Lamborghini Urus Super SUVs embarked on an exciting Esperienza Dinamica expedition to Karelia in Russia. Driving for over 760 km, the caravan passed through some of the wildest and most breathtaking landscapes in Northern Europe, including Lake Ladoga, Cape Taruniemi and the Tolvajärvi nature reserve. The convoy was a splendid sight with the colors of the SUVs ranging from vivid yellows, blues and greens to the matt and dark greys of the new Lamborghini Urus Pearl and Graphite Capsule collections.

Carefully designed to allow the guests to put the Urus’ exceptional handling and performance to the test, the route offered a wide range of road conditions, from fords and mountain passes to highways, off-road tracks, and the bends and chicanes of the new Igora Drive racetrack, where the trip began and ended.

An unconditional success, this thrilling Esperienza Dinamica tour astounded everyone by showcasing the lightness, power, style and comfort of the Urus and its ability to perform perfectly in extraordinary and challenging situations.

Enjoy the video…

Fuel consumption and emission values of Urus - Fuel consumption combined: 14 mpg