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Lamborghini unveils Huracán Sterrato Opera Unica

4 August 2023
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Lamborghini chose Porto Cervo for the unveiling of the Huracán Sterrato Opera Unica, a special edition inspired by the blue of Sardinia. This automotive gem is a unique work of art created using an exclusive crystal-effect paint process, celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary.

The car exterior was made with a sophisticated three-color hand-painting process. The solid Blu Amnis paint is followed by two hand-painted treatments using two other shades of blue, Blu Grifo and Blu Fedra. This creates a crystalline effect reminiscent of the magnificent seas of Sardinia, producing a unique and striking visual experience.

The interior of the Huracán Sterrato Opera Unica is equally spectacular. The sports seats, door panels and center console are upholstered in fine Blu Delphinus leather, while the dashboard is in Alcantara™, creating a refined interior environment. The complementary details in Celeste Phoebe leather echo the blue of the exterior. 

The presentation of this extraordinary creation took place in the setting of an exclusive dinner at the Cala di Volpe Hotel. The car was placed on a floating platform on the seashore, enchanting the 120 guests in attendance with its unique, mesmerizing beauty.

Following its debut, the Huracán Sterrato Opera Unica will be displayed at the Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo through September 10th. This car is the perfect symbol of the passion and automotive art of Lamborghini. A combination of prestige and technical mastery, it represents the company’s dedication to creating true works of art on four wheels.


Beyond innovation: Connecting the dots

Fuel economy values of Huracán Sterrato*: Fuel economy combined: 15 MPG (EPA)