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Lamborghini 350 GT returns to Geneva 60 years later

18 March 2024
Polo Storico
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The debut of the 350 GT at the 1964 Geneva International Motor Show marked the beginning of Lamborghini’s commercial success. Equipped with a 3.5-liter V12 engine boasting 320 CV of power, this vehicle captured attention with its combination of outstanding performance and luxurious interior finished in leather and chrome. In addition to its beauty and power, the 350 GT also played an important role in pop culture by appearing also on the big screen in the 1967 movie “Kill Me Quick, I’m Cold”.

Today the 350 GT with the second chassis number, the oldest existing production Lamborghini restored with loving care by Polo Storico Lamborghini, is back on the streets of Geneva, the city that witnessed its debut. This special event celebrates Lamborghini’s entire legacy in creating extraordinary cars that continue to inspire enthusiasts around the world.


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