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Interview on the Move: Inherited Passion and Affinity Between Hobbies and Work

11 October 2021
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Jacopo joined the Automobili Lamborghini Research and Development team more than three years ago thanks to an internship, and today he is Set Leader for the Huracán product line. His course of studies started from Rome, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, to then go on to Trento to take a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. This latter choice was also linked to his grandmother, a great mathematician who was able to hand down to him a love for formulas and numbers. 

Working at Lamborghini has allowed him to attain his goal, which is to say, to combine his private interests with his daily activities. His hobbies have, in fact, several points in common with his job, such as engineering, speed and reaching his limits, characteristics that he finds in one of his biggest passions: skiing.


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