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If you can’t drive a Lamborghini Urus, make it look like you did!

8 January 2021

Indian photographer Kunaal Kelkar was supposed to fly to Italy and drive a Lamborghini Urus, but 2020 had other plans in mind. And so, he decided to take pictures of a 1:18 collectible model instead. Here’s how and why...

Why Lamborghini?

“My first contact with a Lamborghini came in the form of a Lamborghini Miura Matchbox toy. I used to carry it around with me literally everywhere I went.  As time went by, I finally found out what the Miura actually looked like and it was love at first sight.  I have been a fan of nearly all Lamborghini cars ever since. When the Aventador was launched, I remember I couldn't stop thinking about it: it cropped up in nearly every conversation I had with absolutely anybody, and it became the first poster I ever put up in my dorm room. But it was when I actually got to sit in a white Lamborghini Countach and then drive it in Montana, USA, that my mind was really blown away and I realized what a rush a Lamborghini actually delivers. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life.

I can still hear in my mind the exhaust popping and revving right behind my head when I was in the car. The Miura P400SV is still my favourite Classic Lamborghini and the Aventador S Roadster is my favourite of the cars currently on the market.” 


“Lamborghini India sent across their 1:18 collectible model of the Urus and asked us to go crazy. Since we’d missed out on the opportunity to travel to Italy because of lockdown, we wanted to showcase the Urus on the Amalfi Coast and how the Urus was able to access a scenic coastal area where there are no roads. 

While we were thinking about how to make such a coastal scene possible, my partner suggested using our swimming pool to mimic the sea and shoot from inside the water to make it look like the Urus was right up close to the coastline. 
To make it look like we took the photograph from the sea, we actually had to go into the swimming pool to take the shot of the Urus and this also meant submerging the camera to give the photo extra depth. We needed a transparent case so we could use the camera underwater without it getting wet, but also so that the water would be at a slight distance away from the lens for us to record the wave formation and the scene above and below water. The casing of the Lamborghini Urus scale model proved to be a perfect fit for the camera, so we used that to keep the camera semi-submerged and prevent it from getting wet. The Fujifilm X-T3 sat perfectly in the inverted acrylic cover and we were able to get great split-level images of the water and the Urus above it, along with the underwater textures. We wanted to showcase the Urus on a ledge, so we submerged a medium-sized rock on the swimming pool steps and put the Urus scale model into position on top of it, so it looks like the Urus was sitting on a rock ledge above the sea. We took multiple images to make sure the Urus scale model was in focus and the perspective was right. We added the background on the editing table to complete the mood of the image. 

For the beach shot, we used pit sand sieved onto a flat stone to get the look of a sandy beach. We added smaller stones to simulate the look of rocks on the beach and the scene was placed on the edge of the swimming pool to give it a coastal feel. The camera was positioned so that the Urus scale model looks life-size, as if it were parked on the beach close to the water. 

Our main approach was to capture split level images over the water to showcase the ruggedness of the Urus and to make it look like the car was photographed from the sea.”

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