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Fabian Oefner for Lamborghini’s NFT Project

24 January 2022
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We continue to share more details on the Space Time Memory project, revealing Fabian Oefner as the artist behind Lamborghini’s entrance into the world of NFTs. 

The project is composed of two different elements—a physical artwork in the form of the Lamborghini Space Key and a digital piece that has yet to be unveiled. 

Internationally acclaimed Swiss artist Fabian Oefner was the perfect fit for this project, as his work is known to explore the boundaries between time, space, and reality. 

“What I was interested in by creating this project is the intersection between the digital and the physical world,”  Oefner says. “The car and its components, something physical and real, gets transformed into something digital that never existed. And the carbon fiber piece, something physical and tangible, serves as a key to access the digital experience of the art piece. In both cases, there is metamorphosis from the physical to the digital world.” 

Indeed, scanning the QR code Oefner inscribed upon the carbon fiber of the Space Key once it returned from space grants access to the NFT, blurring the lines between the physical and the digital. 

Keep following us for more details on this extraordinary project. 


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