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Countach Legacy #3: Timeless Innovation with Phil Schiller

26 July 2021

The Lamborghini Countach was born in a period that saw the advent of high tech and the construction of modern computers. The desire to dare and innovate permeated every industry, motivated by highly inspiring achievements in society like humankind exploring outer space.As much as the Countach changed the automotive field forever, inspired by the world-changing moon landing, the evolution of the tech realm led companies to create timeless innovations in the years to come.

We interviewed Apple Fellow Phil Schiller to go deeper into technology, computing, and innovation brought about by the craving for change that still resonates with everything that has to do with the Lamborghini Countach, accompanied by his passion for Lamborghini super sports cars.Phil Schiller is an Apple fellow responsible for leading the App Store and Apple Events. Phil has helped guide Apple’s products and marketing for 30 years, most recently as the senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. Over the course of his tenure, Phil has contributed to steering and reinventing the products of the company while shaping the future of digital technologies.

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