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Bologna: Lamborghini’s UnSTOppable Travel Guide

23 July 2021

Here is the Lamborghini Huracán STO, the street-legal super car, captured in the heart of Bologna, beneath the stars of Piazza Maggiore. 

After making a contemplative stop on the “crescentone” (the raised rectangle in the center of the square laid in pink and white granite) in front of the stupendous Basilica San Petronio, the city’s largest church and symbol, the Huracán STO then visited the adjacent Piazza del Nettuno with its splendid fountain, bathed in the enveloping light coming for the arcade of Palazzo Re Enzo.

Another stop was made after passing under the Two Towers to savor a dish of tagliatelle with meat sauce in Piazza Santo Stefano that, with its triangular shape and iconic cobbled paving, is one of the city’s most characteristic squares.

The Huracán STO continued its “stroll” along the beautiful Strada Maggiore, to then follow the avenues leading to the train station. From there it sped into the night in search of other spectacular adventures. 


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Fuel economy values of Huracán STO*: Fuel economy combined: 15 MPG; EPA values