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  • details of the Forged Composites material
Cropped image showing a detail of the material with the Forged Composites logo stamped on it.

The material of the future

Undergoing development since 2008, Forged Composites® is an advanced composite material. After more than thirty years of research carried out around the world, Lamborghini is introducing Forged Composites® with a single goal: to give major impetus to technological innovation in composite materials and raise them to a level that had never been reached until now. Record performance and an original appearance are revolutionizing everything that came before: the era of Forged Composites® has begun.

Cropped image of a technician using an industrial machine.

Technical properties

With Forged Composites®, Lamborghini takes the lead in technological innovation in the automotive world. Technical properties unthinkable up to now and a completely new molding process are the elements that make Forged Composites® the cutting edge of composite materials.


Perfecting design for automobiles

The application of Forged Composites® to Lamborghini supercars has opened up the potential for exploring new scenarios in the automotive world: integrated geometries, maximum flexibility and molding cycles that are just 3 minutes long. But that’s not all: the avant-garde beauty of Forged Composites® shows how this material has huge benefits to offer in terms of aesthetics and not just for its technology and performance.

Image showing a detail of a car made from Forged Composites. Image showing a detail of a car made from Forged Composites. Image showing a detail of a car made from Forged Composites.