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  • Detail of a car part made from Forged Composites
  • Close-up of the casing

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Automobili Lamborghini strongly believes in the future of the super sports cars and works to preserve these values to push them into a third millennium which requires new concepts, innovative solutions and the adoption of electrified powertrains. Lamborghini Terzo Millennio shows Automobili Lamborghini’s vision through a concept car which aims to deliver the most emotional and ultimate driving experience with an extreme design, an extreme architecture and an innovative electric powertrain. The Terzo Millennio  develops through 4 pillars: Energy, Innovation in Materials, Powertrain & Vehicle Architecture, Sound & Emotion. The first two pillars are conceived together with the two laboratories at the MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology: the “Dinca Research Lab”, led by Prof. Mircea Dinca, Department of Chemistry, and the “Mechanosynthesis Group”, led by Prof. Anastasios John Hart, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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Forged Composites®

Forged Composites® is an advanced composite material. After more than thirty years of research carried out around the world, Lamborghini is introducing Forged Composites® with a single goal: to give major impetus to technological innovation in composite materials and raise them to a level that had never been reached until now.

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Detail of a car part made from Forged Composites Detail of the material with the Forged Composites logo stamped on it

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is well-known all over the world for its unparalleled resistance-to-weight ratio. Lamborghini has made a leap forward in the research and development on this material, constantly developing innovative technologies capable of adapting to different project specifications.

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detail of the carbon fiber engine hood of a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Cropped image of a dark fiber part