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Lamborghini’s photographic project “With Italy, For Italy”

14 七月 2020

“With Italy, For Italy” is Lamborghini’s declaration of love to Italy in the form of the fascinating art of photography. Twenty of Italy’s most talented photographers will be discovering the beauty, uniqueness and excellence of the 20 Italian regions aboard a Lamborghini, thus signaling the rebirth of the country following the Covid-19 emergency and shining new light on the extraordinary wealth of treasures.

Starting from September 8th, tales and places of Italian magic, from north to south, will be told through the lenses of the selected masters: compositions illustrating the country’s unparalleled beauty, art, history, architectural marvels, natural wonders and more. The images will also illustrate Italy as a land of excellence, talent, flair, aesthetic research and innovation - all features deeply embedded in the Lamborghini DNA. 

The project will feature the current Lamborghini range: from the latest in hybrid technology, the Sián Roadster, to the ultra-high-performance Aventador SVJ, the Urus Super SUV and the agile Huracán in all its versions: Spyder, coupé, all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Joining this colorful cast of super sports cars will be classic models such as Miura, Countach and Diablo.

Serving as art director for the project is Stefano Guindani, a noted fashion and lifestyle photographer who, together with Lamborghini, oversaw the scouting, selection and briefing phase. Besides Guindani, the team includes other photographers working in fashion, streetstyle and design (Piero Gemelli, Vincenzo Grillo and Guido Taroni); reportage photographers (Gabriele Micalizzi, Fulvio Bugani, Alessandro Cinque); documentary photographers (Gabriele Galimberti, Marco Casino, Camilla Ferrari), social issues photographers (Mattia Balsamini, Roselena Ramistella); architecture (Valentina Sommariva) and art (Anna di Prospero); car photographers (Wolfango Spaccarelli and Davide de Martis); a photographer from the music industry (Chiara Mirelli); a creative director and a content creator from the Instagram universe (Simone Bramante, @brahmino, and Marco Valmarana); all the way to a bright new star of landscape photography (Alberto Selvestrel), symbolizing Lamborghini’s commitment to younger generations. 

Completing this diverse masterpiece of 20 regions and 20 Lamborghinis is a cameo by the great Letizia Battaglia, one of the most authoritative names in international photography commissioned to produce a special interpretation of her home city, Palermo. 

Get ready to fill your eyes with beauty…


Lamborghini Urus S at the “1000 Miglia Charity for Research”

本页宣传的所有车辆的能耗和排放值*: 综合循环燃料节省: 15-14 MPG; 车辆未在该国家批准: Sián roadster; 根据EPA的值