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Interview on the move: quality and analysis in the Meisterbock

28 一月 2022

Always passionate about cars and technology, as a child Luca enjoyed drawing sketches of cars inspired by a yellow Diablo model car. After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Luca has since then always worked in quality and production processes, managing different resources and having the opportunity to travel extensively, both in Italy and abroad. After his daughter was born, he decided to move closer to his home in the southern Ciociaria region. 

After some time, Luca was offered a position at Lamborghini in the quality area of the Urus project, giving him the opportunity to deepen his know-how to the point that he became certified as an auditor and anti-corrosion manager. To further increase his skills, Luca decided to participate in a job rotation to become the Technical Reference of the Meisterbock, Lamborghini’s metrology laboratory.

His hobbies? Spending time with his daughter between thermodynamics tests and documentaries, as well as cycling and volleyball, sports which, just like in the workplace, highlight the importance of being part of a close-knit group that makes the difference. 


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