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Interview on the move: new professional prospects and training 

10 九月 2021

Ever since she was a little girl Ilenia has always been curious about the world of technology, and she took her Management Engineering degree from the Politecnico of Turin. In her professional experience, her activities have always been based on product development, careful planning of activities and work for projects. 

Ilenia’s career path at Lamborghini began in 2016 in the position of Project Manager of the Aventador derivatives. Following a job rotation, for little more than a year she has been a member of the Human Capital & Organization team with the Organization & Planning role. 

Mother of a two-year-old, Ilenia has been able to merge her professional and private lives while learning to identify priorities. In this undertaking, Ilenia has been supported by the company, which assists the needs of working parents through many initiatives and a structured Parenthood program. Like the parents, Lamborghini as well considers children to be a precious resource to invest in for the future of society.  


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