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Interview on the Move: international spirit with dealers network

13 十二月 2021

Valentina has been at Lamborghini for about three years in the role of Head of Business Management in the Franchise & Business Development area, which involves monitoring the economic and financial performance of the Lamborghini network at the global level.

With a degree in Management Engineering from Turin Polytechnic and specialized in Business Planning at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA, after several years of business consulting, she entered the automotive world about ten years ago, following in her father’s footsteps.

Her experience abroad enabled her to develop a number of transversal skills, including attention to detail and teamwork. As shown by her academic and professional background, alongside her solid Italian roots Valentina cultivates a spirit strongly oriented towards internationalization. Working at Lamborghini has allowed her to combine her interest in international projects with her greatest passion, which is travelling.


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