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Interview on the move: Connectivity strategy

26 八月 2022

Born in Abruzzo, since 2012 Luca has held various roles at Lamborghini, first in IT and later in Project Management. He currently leads a cross-functional team that aims to define and implement the Connectivity strategy to ensure maximum interaction between car and driver and make the driving experience even more engaging.

Passionate about technology, Luca manages to combine work with his love for innovation and a tendency to always look towards future challenges, although outside of work he continues to cultivate a strong interest in vintage cars.

His greatest satisfaction at Lamborghini was to create a team in the Connectivity field, which, starting a few years ago with the development of the UNICA customer app, has grown over time managing to connect Urus and Huracán.

Together with Luca we interviewed his colleagues Filippo, Santiago and Orlando who told us about both the features of the UNICA customer app and those implemented on board our Urus and Huracán, such as Alexa embedded with voice assistant.

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