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Huracán Tecnica: Lifestyle with Lorenzo Viotti

26 五月 2022

The new Huracán Tecnica has many souls, delivering dynamism, emotion, art and performance for the perfect lifestyle. In a series of interviews Lamborghini explores the diverse personalities of Tecnica.

A conductor brings together performance, art and emotion through perfect harmony: the lynchpin that brings in each section of the orchestra to deliver the composer’s vision of perfection.

The supreme young talent of Lorenzo Viotti, the Swiss chief conductor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Dutch National Opera, likens the perfect lifestyle to perfect harmony: movement without friction, natural balance, creating frequencies so perfect that words cannot express emotions. Like the Huracán Tecnica, it is not just visual art, sound, performance or harmonic elegance: it is the experience of every dimension that creates a perfect lifestyle.


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