archivio polo storico

The new Polo Storico enables Automobili Lamborghini to effectively safeguard its immense heritage and its exclusive know-how.
Within this context is Lamborghini's Archivio Storico, which hosts the documentation on the brand's historical models, as well as technical drawings, colors of the bodies, leathers, pictures and various publications released by Lamborghini over its long history.
The materials of the Polo Storico are available in a paper format and will be accessible in a digital format to all the owners and fans of classic Lamborghini cars, as well as to journalists, writers, and researchers.

Cut-out profile of a yellow Lamborghini Miura with engine compartment and luggage compartment open.

Another pillar of the Polo Storico Lamborghini is the number of services created to preserve the integrity of the historical vehicles of the bull-branded manufacturer. Based on our corporate experience and a dedicated project, each car is managed as carefully as possible by Lamborghini specialists and restoration experts, using their expertise and skills.
Our clients can enjoy an exclusive service that allows them to keep their cars' original features unchanged over time, using genuine spare parts.
The specialized skills of the Polo Storico Lamborghini experts, combined with very high quality standards, allow for authentic and professional maintenance of the vehicles in terms of restoration materials, methods and treatments, thus bringing the cars to their original perfection. 

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The Polo Storico provides a four-level certification for Lamborghini's historical models. As such, any certifications previously issued by any other body should be verified by the Polo Storico.

A technical committee checks the authenticity of the vehicle and its components, drawing from the resources of Lamborghini's archive and other documentation to implement the verification of its origin and authenticity. There is not any single person able to certify a vehicle and the various certification levels depend on whether the car passes a long series of conformity tests. The support of the Polo Storico provides the most coveted acknowledgement, protecting the value of Lamborghini's historical cars, and supporting the market with a single standard for car authentication.

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