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  • Image showing the entrance to the Lamborghini factory. It is a large, airy room surrounded by two white panels: the one on the left with a photo of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the one on the right quotes him “This was the moment I finally decided to create a perfect car.” In the right corner we see a model of a metallic gray Lamborghini in a glass display case and, hanging on the wall, pictures of vintage models. The image bears the words: Lamborghini Brand The story of Lamborghini is the story of a dream come t


In just fifty years, Automobili Lamborghini has not only manufactured exceptional cars, but true masterpieces that have made history. There are many people who have contributed to creating Lamborghini's excellence, starting from Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder and visionary genius.

An old black & white photo showing Ferruccio Lamborghini leaning on a car near a tractor bearing the Lamborghini brand. Cropped image showing only the door of a vintage yellow Lamborghini.


Time changes form, but not substance: the key to the timeless success enjoyed by Lamborghini lies in the attention to design and the constant search for innovative solutions that, over the years, have contributed to make Lamborghini one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Close-up on a key-operated driving mode selector — auto, sport, corsa. Close-up of a modern ignition button, behind which we see the driving mode selector buttons.