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Huracán EVO: 4 Things You Should Know

15 November 2019

The Huracán EVO is the unparalleled evolution of the V10 Lamborghini family. Thanks to a series of high-tech innovations, it is extremely dynamic and practical in everyday use. But what makes it different from other super sports cars? Here are 4 elements that make it so successful:

LDVI, the brain of the EVO
The Huracán EVO has an extremely advanced system, like a brilliant electronic brain that specializes in managing the vehicle dynamics: the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva, Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics). Thanks to its ability to assess environmental conditions and the driver's actions, it can adapt the behavior of the vehicle in any circumstance. The EVO brain is able to manage complex systems like dynamic traction control (Torque Vectoring), which independently varies the torque of each wheel, the distribution of traction between the front and rear axles (Traction Control), the steering of the 4 wheels - both front and rear! - (All Wheel Steering) and the Magnetorheological suspension. The revolution lies in the leap from adaptive to predictive logic. It is a real high-speed chess game in which vehicle and driver try to predict each other's moves.   

All wheel steering
The EVO is the first Huracán to inherit all wheel steering as standard from its big sisters in the V12 family: the Aventador S, SVJ and Sián. At low speeds, all wheel steering increases the handling of the vehicle, reducing the virtual wheelbase to 220 mm. At high speed, it increases the stability of the vehicle when cornering. The rear wheel range is 3° on the left and right, which is reached gradually as the speed increases.

Design and aerodynamics for unique performance
Centro Stile Lamborghini has incorporated design cues from the Terzo Millennio and the Huracán GT3 EVO into the Huracán EVO. The result is a more aggressive design with the characteristic Y-shaped, electric concept headlights, redesigned in the front splitter as an aerodynamic element. The rear has an F-Duct spoiler from the world of motor racing, which increases the downforce through the wing's contact with the airflows and with the surface below. Airflows underneath the vehicle and those that have an effect on the temperature of the engine and brakes have been redesigned and improved. The result is a 6-time increase in aerodynamic efficiency, a 7-time increase in downforce and a 16% increase in engine cooling. All this without affecting the splendid design of the Huracán and making it even more aggressive and recognizable.

HMI: a touchscreen control system
While the LDVI handles the vehicle dynamics, the driver can enjoy the pleasures of digital technology applied to the automotive industry, with an 8.4" monitor. The new Human Machine Interface (HMI) functions range from vehicle info, like the LDVI screens, to controls for temperature, sound system volume, seats, air conditioning, navigation and cell phones.

The Huracán EVO has a package of features that heighten your experience, redefining the concept of sports driving, ranging from daily use to high-speed adventures on the track.

Verbrauchs- und Emissionswerte von Huracan Evo - Kombinierter Verbrauch: 15 mpg