Lamborghini Urus Winter Accessories 

25 1月 2022

Discover the exclusive set of winter accessories for Lamborghini Urus from the Accessori Originali range. Specifically designed for you to make the best of your Urus during all your winter adventures, whether you practice winter sports or are planning a trip to a beautiful snowy location. 

Explore a wide set of accessories created to increase protection, space, and comfort in your Urus. Watch the video below for more details, and don’t miss the chance to enjoy the winter Lamborghini experience to the fullest.

Contact your dealer to get more information about the Urus Accessori Originali collection.


Automobili Lamborghini at Motor Valley Fest 2022

Urus の燃費とCO2排出量*; 複合モードによる燃費: 14 mpg