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Unica, the app that connects you to the world of Lamborghini

23 september 2020

With the priceless Unica app, reserved exclusively for Lamborghini owners, you can enjoy a world of exciting features just by tapping your finger.

Lamborghini Unica is the ideal way to experience the Lamborghini universe and keep up to date with all its latest product news, track activities and events. Its intuitive and easy-to-use design also offers personalised info, remote connections to your cars and a range of other exceptional features that will make your particular Lamborghini world even more unique.

As every Lamborghini is a masterpiece, we believe you should be able to admire all your cars at any time. And that is why Unica includes an exceptional option, called My Garage, a function that allows you to view all the Lamborghinis you own in a virtual garage on your smartphone and explore their various details and features.

Every owner knows, too, that Lamborghini is a world of imagination and creativity, so Unica also has a feature called My Next Lamborghini. This allows you to choose the car you would like to buy next, view it in a virtual garage and then customize it by adding all the special features your heart desires. Once your new creation is complete, you can even share it with your dealer simply by tapping the Send button.

Naturally, these are just some of the features that Unica offers every Lamborghini owner. In addition to the ones mentioned here, there are also model previews, race updates, customer care and even a trip-tracking software, all of which are designed to ensure that every Lamborghini journey is more important than the destination. So, if you haven’t already downloaded this very special app, do so now and make your Lamborghini lifestyle more connected, more exclusive and more unforgettable.

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